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The Kayakid is the first modern Greenland style paddle with exchangeable tips that excels in surf paddling conditions. Co-developed with experienced Norwegian paddler Roger Raknes - the Kayakid, the Kayakid was designed to be an ideal surf paddle for ocean play and to facilitate rolling in all conditions, while maintaining the essence of the Greenland paddling style.

  • Exchangeable paddle tips are available in flat or round shapes. See the “Paddle Tip Set (Flat)” / “Paddle Tip Set (Round)” page under ACCESSORIES for additional information.
  • The Kayakid has a wider teardrop shaped blade that provides for powerful strokes and braces well in rough ocean conditions
  • The shouldered grip design fits the natural contour of paddlers’ hands for comfort and control
  • Sharp paddle blade edges provide crisp and precise paddling
  • A shorter length (200cm) handles rough and shallow water with ease
  • The Kayakid’s two-piece design breaks down quickly for easy transportation and storage on the kayak deck. The low-profile carbon fiber button release creates a sleek paddle shaft and never rusts
  • Exchangeable paddle tips made of durable polyamide material are available in both round and flat shapes and are interchangeable. Note that the Kayakid paddle is wider and uses a unique size tip that does not fit the narrower Akiak, Nukilik and Nukilik Storm blades.
  • Included with the black Kayakid paddle is a reflective sticker available in orange, light gray and dark gray. The sticker is professionally applied in GEARLAB’s factory and is designed to withstand constant water exposure, providing increased visibility and safety on the water.


GEARLAB offers the Kayakid paddle in both Carbon fiber and Carbon/Aramid options. Both versions offer superior strength and performance on the water.

  • Carbon fiber paddles are strong, stiff and light. They offer the greatest power in the water because of their stiffness and are excellent for all-day excursions because of their light weight. Carbon is slightly more brittle upon impact, but endures constant UV and water exposure the best.
  • Carbon/Aramid paddles are stronger on impact than carbon models and offer more flexibility with each stroke. Carbon/Aramid sustains impact best, but is more sensitive to UV light over time than other materials.


Diamond Joint (D-Joint)

As of mid-2016, all GEARLAB paddles are equipped with the patented GEARLAB Diamond joint (D-joint), which provides the sturdy feel of a one-piece paddle, and the transport and storage convenience of a two-piece paddle. The new D-joint is made out of titanium alloy to ensure the greatest strength and stiffness, while providing a light weight and corrosion resistance. The diamond joint shape provides a more secure connection inside the paddle when assembled because of its unique shape. This stabilizes the connection between the two paddle blades inside the loom beyond the round button clip that is located on the outside of the loom.  In addition to preventing even minimal rotation shifting, the new joint is simpler to assemble if it is ever necessary to change the paddle clip located inside the loom.

Specs of Kayakid
Length (cm/inch)
Loom length (cm/inch)
Blade width (cm/inch)
Weight (g/oz)
carbon fiber
Dimension figure
  • Surfing Paddles are equipped with extra set of black Paddle Tips.

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