The Pikatti norsaq : a multi-purpose paddling tool

- Maureen Nowak

Members of the New Jersey Sea Kayak Association unanimously agreed that the Pikatti was the best norsaq that they had used for rolling. Paddlers reported that it’s light weight, strength, smooth feel, and sharp edges combined to be a top-notch tool. Compared to a traditional wooden norsaq, the Pikatti was a fraction of the weight. While less buoyant than it’s wooden brother, it’s sleek edge made it much easier to plane and to roll. The Pikatti was an instant hit!

a multi-purpose paddling tool-2

a multi-purpose paddling tool-3

As one of the few paddlers in the group who prefers to remain above water, I tested the Pikatti in an entirely different way. Passing my paddle to companions, I stranded myself with only the norsaq about a mile from shore. Using the Pikatti as my sole tool, I paddled to shore with no strain and relative efficiency. At less than 18 inches long and lighter than the weight of a small cell phone, the Pikatti is easy to keep on a kayak deck or inside a hatch.

The affordable price cements the deal – the Pikatti norsaq is a fantastic tool to carry for both fun and safety.