Meet GEARLAB founder Chungshih at Outdoor Retailer Demo Day

- GEARLAB Paddles

Meet GEARLAB founder and designer, Chungshih at the Hala booth and try out GEARLAB’s new Greenland-style paddles at the Outdoor Retailer Demo Day, July 22, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., at Denver’s Confluence ... Read All >

South Sound Traditional Inuit Kayaking Symposium (SSTIKS) with GEARLAB Athlete Jake Corrington


"... at my first SSTIKS event, I was wide-eyed with my crooked wooden stick in hand. I was a Euro-paddle user by default. By lunch on the first day I had a roll, and I knew I was never going back ..." Read All >

GEARLAB Athlete Alex Martin Plans First Solo Circumnavigation of Lake Winnipeg


"... the light carbon-fiber design makes it great for long distance paddling, and the replaceable tips makes it ideal for expedition trips. Totally great on windy days! ..." Read All >

GEARLAB Unveils 2018 Greenland-style Akiak Paddle to Touring Kayak Market

- Eugene Buchanan

"... the 2018 model offers a sharper edge for improved water-slicing efficiency, paddling stability and water current feedback ..." Read All >

GEARLAB PADDLES Akiak, Nukilik and Kayakid

- Ocean Paddler Magazine

"... paddling over long distances was effortless. They are an absolute pleasure when solo paddling, offering a real connection with the sea, wildlife, environment and surroundings …" Read All >

Fall in love with my new kayaking tool - GEARLAB Akiak.

- David Haynes

"… the paddle is clearly well designed, engineered and built by people who are obviously passionate about what they are doing. It is well balanced, a reasonable weight and very strong ..." Read All >