Each GEARLAB paddle has unique dimensions and a specific mold. Carbon fibers and fiberglass are melded together in precise ratios to create each paddle. All GEARLAB paddles are molded as a single piece, unlike the conventional method of joining two halves.

The composite Carbon Fiber-Fiberglass material provides a light weight and excellent stiffness. The firm nature of the 12K carbon fiber (the largest weave and stiffest available) allows us to use less material to achieve a lighter paddle weight, while maintaining our high standards for performance, durability and strength. This outer layer provides a stunning appearance, as well as a solid paddle feel.



Quality Control

All paddles are extensively tested in controlled environments and in the field. Among many attributes, we test to ensure that each GEARLAB paddle maintains the buoyancy of traditional Greenland paddles. Each element of a paddle is weighed and checked at critical stages of production to ensure all segments meet GEARLAB’s weight and strength specifications. The perfect balance of handcrafting and computerized technology ensures consistent quality in GEARLAB Paddles.