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GEARLAB paddles were designed, produced and tested by a team of industrial engineers who are passionate about outdoor adventures, especially paddling. We understand what paddlers need and want, and built top-quality paddles that enhance speed, agility, adventure and fun on the water.

The Nuka : Effortless Paddling

- Maureen Nowak

I have thoroughly enjoyed testing Gearlab’s new Nuka paddle in a variety of water conditions. Billed as a “standard” paddle in Gearlab’s line-up, it isn’t meant to have the sleek performance of ...Read All >

GEARLAB Nuka paddle review

- Blue Sheets Marine Directory

Until recently, there seemed to be an established ‘them and us’ attitude between kayakers that used Euro style paddles, that’s to say, paddles with large, oval paddle blades, and Greenland ...Read All >

Autumn in Japan

- 眞野玄範

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