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GEARLAB paddles were designed, produced and tested by a team of industrial engineers who are passionate about outdoor adventures, especially paddling. We understand what paddlers need and want, and built top-quality paddles that enhance speed, agility, adventure and fun on the water.

Fall in love with my new kayaking tool - GEARLAB Akiak.

- David Haynes

I consider the gear that one uses to be a very personal thing. You build memories of each trip and associate them with each piece of gear. I was paddling that kayak, with that paddling jacket, in ...Read All >

GEARLAB PADDLES Akiak, Nukilik and Kayakid

- Ocean Paddler Magazine

Greenland paddles have always captured the imaginations of many due to the simplicity, feel and connection experienced by the budding paddler and the history and culture associated with them ...Read All >

Dumping at Inch with a swim

- Richie Dunne

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