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GEARLAB paddles were designed, produced and tested by a team of industrial engineers who are passionate about outdoor adventures, especially paddling. We understand what paddlers need and want, and built top-quality paddles that enhance speed, agility, adventure and fun on the water.

GEARLAB Aukaneck

- Ocean Paddler Magazine

In a previous issue, I reviewed GEARLAB’s AKIAK, NUKILIK and KAYAKID. All three designs offered something different to the Greenland paddler; the AKIAK offering the ...Read All >

Fall in love with my new kayaking tool - GEARLAB Akiak.

- David Haynes

I consider the gear that one uses to be a very personal thing. You build memories of each trip and associate them with each piece of gear. I was paddling that kayak, with that paddling jacket, in ...Read All >

Red kayak vs Blue kayak

- Vincent Weafer

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