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GEARLAB paddles were designed, produced and tested by a team of industrial engineers who are passionate about outdoor adventures, especially paddling. We understand what paddlers need and want, and built top-quality paddles that enhance speed, agility, adventure and fun on the water.

Two Taiwanese neoclassical paddling enthusiasts and a carbon stick.

- Christopher Crowhurst

I first met Chungshih Sun and Henry Po Hsiang Chang for breakfast in the lobby restaurant at Hotel Novotel at Taipei Taoyuan International Airport in November, 2014. They were not hard to spot ...Read All >

A New Blade: How I finally became a Greenland paddle convert

- Canoe & Kayak Magazine

I was the last holdout among my family and friends, swearing for decades that my light carbon Euro-blade paddle was “better” than their crafty wooden Greenland paddles. I knew that they had spent ...Read All >

Aukaneck weekend

- Vincent Weafer

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